Monday, February 19, 2018

The Egg Spins

You can tell the difference between a raw egg and a hardboiled egg by the way they spin.  You don't have to break open the egg to find out what is the composition on the inside, raw or hardboiled.  I think it might be the same with people, yourself included.  You can often tell what is on the inside of a person by the way they act on the outside.  People can identify their insides by saying they are "sober" or "filled with the Holy Spirit," "at peace," "a Buddhist, Christian, Jewish believer," but watch how they act.  How do they spin through their day? What do they do on the outside?  I am more interested in listening to someone who acts like the good they say is within them, than hypocrites, whose action belie what they say they are.  The persons whose outsides attract me the most are those who treat others as their equal, or treat others well.  It shows in kindness, compassion, and being generally of service.

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