Friday, February 16, 2018

Lost Life

OK you came back for the rest of yesterday's drama.  Suddenly, as hope was leaking away from my psyche, a second agent came to the counter and asked if she could help me.  I said, "I cannot get onto this plane.  I lost my bag."  She was sympathetic, cancelled my reservation and put me on standby for a much later flight.  I am not going to Florida, I thought to myself, not today or even this month.  But the agent said something to me that I would not have otherwise done, though I had no real plan, beyond go to security and find lost and found.  She said, "Don't go all the way back to the main terminal.  Go back to the first plane terminal, "A" so that you don't go outside security. Then you can go to security from there."  OK, though I was not hearing all of what she said, being in shock, and having cardiac issues.  I walked back up the long corridor and onto the tram.  I got off at Terminal "A" and went upstairs to the main floor.  There was the usual information desk that sometimes has an attendant.  There was a fellow there at that moment.  I, being a man, was not going to ask for information, but my feminine side, or Holy Spirit, had me go up and check on how to find security.  He directed me and I began to walk away.  Something told me to go back and say I had lost my bag.  I was going to ignore the urge, but then decided to go back and tell him, "I lost my bag on the tram or security."  He turned around and pointed to five bags sitting in plain site on a counter of the information booth.  One of them was my yellow be continued

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