Thursday, February 22, 2018

Action Not Feeling

An old fellow, referred to as an "old-timer" said that love is an action, not an emotion.  He encouraged me to be useful to others and I would then be loving enough.  I prefer the feeling of love. It fills my addictive heart for love as an emotion.  When I fantasize about love, it is never about being of help to others.  I tend to be more helpful, the more I have the "feeling" of love for another person.  If I don't much like you, or feel uncomfortable around you because of "differences" as I perceive them, then I am apt to be not so helpful to the point of ignoring and avoiding you.  So I admire people who don't feel love, yet act in a loving and helpful manner.  They call it being of service even when your heart is not into it.  I can have a wonderful day or time acting loving to someone I love, but I seem to grow more when I act helpful and be of service without the feeling of love.  I hear that saints are that way.  Not being one, I don't know.

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