Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I hear people say that they left the Catholic Church because it did not help them, or did them bad.  Were they orphans?  If they were orphans, there is a good chance that they were well taken care of.  Something about orphans brings out the best in my church.  Many religious orders were started by lay persons, who became nuns, to take care of orphans.  Why so many such religious orders?  Because of plague and war which causes orphans.  It seems that plague and war kill a lot of adults, but leave children who had no government safety net.  My mother was an orphan.  I seem to pay special attention to any organization or charity that says it takes care of orphans.  The age of women religious seems to be waning, but there is still war and disease, lack of health care, so there are still a lot of orphans.  They are packed in with all those refugees.  Peace can reduce the number of new orphans.

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