Thursday, April 19, 2018

I Miss You

The words, "I miss you," can be both wonderful and debilitating.  For instance, if I write someone and say, "I miss you," and they read it and think,"Terry who?" I would hear nothing back and that would be depressing.  But on the other hand, if I say "I miss you," and it makes a difference in the life  of the other person, that can be quite wonderful.  When I go away from Boulder for a while, my damaged mind begins to tell me, "They have all forgotten you."  "No need to go back there."  Then someone contacts me and says, "I miss you."  It makes me want to go back to Boulder and be with friends who miss me.  So you take a chance with such words.  They make you vulnerable.  But I choose to say these words and take my chances.  Life is full of chances, and the courage to take them.  But it is also the path to love.  San Francisco, where I am now writing this is quite beautiful and exciting, and no one is saying, "I miss you," at the moment.  I think I will stay here a while longer!😇


  1. Ha ,I called you and l told you I missed you ! Hurry home!I MISS YOU!!

  2. I miss you -- and so do lots of Boulderites!