Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The recent Boston Marathon, 26.2 miles, was done in cold, wind and rain.  A marathon is referred to as a "Trial of Miles," and "Miles of Trial."  It is a metaphor for the "can" and "should" of life.  Can you do something/should you do something.  Most often our minds and bodies convince us that we should not be doing something because it is too hard or we might get injured,  or fail,when in fact, we don't want to put in the effort or undergo the suffering.  Long distance running is one of the ways that teach us to know the difference.  We all have bad days, but that does not mean we give up and quit.  Rather, we complete the task as best we can, but we complete it.  Finishing might be the best we can do. Showing up is step one.  95% of the starters in the Boston Marathon completed the race, though times were quite slow versus a good weather day.  Life is a trial.  Hour by hour is like mile by mile.  When I wake up in the morning, I might not feel like running or doing much of anything.  I don't let my mind or body decide.  They are generally tricksters on those days.  I know the difference between injuring and malaise.  I stretch, wear the right clothes and shuffle out the door.  I might start out at an embarrassingly slow pace.  If with a group, everyone else leaves me in their dust.  I trundle on.  In time, I feel better and run with more ease.  I finish and feel good about the run.  It is like that in a lot of my daily tasks.  Trial by trial.

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