Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rock Bottom

What is "Rock Bottom?"  I hear that phrase from people who say they hit rock bottom.  A definition that I like is this: Rock Bottom is when the last thing you lost or the next thing you are about to lose is more important to you than whatever stuff you are using or doing that is destroying your life at the moment.  Everyone has a different rock bottom depending on the person and the thing you give up.  My dad used to be a boxer when he was young.  Then someone belted him on his Irish Roman nose, and dad did not fight again.  One good punch on the nose was it for him.  He kept his good looks and passed them on to me, who avoided fights.  But enough about me.  Anyhow, some people can lose spouse, family, home, job, car, and still go on destroying themselves say by drink or drugs, gambling, sex, food.  For some people, even their very life is not worth stopping their bad behavior or addictions.  I don't ask people if they would like to stop and live, because some do not think life as valuable as a drink.  So I ask them and myself for that matter, what is the next thing we will lose,  if we don't change, and is it worth it?  For those who are on a healthier path, at the moment, and it is but one day at a time, what will you lose if you go off this path?  That has always frightened me to better behavior.  Oh, actually, my Dad was better looking than me.  But I am a priest, so it does not matter.

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