Sunday, April 15, 2018

Tax Day

Today is a tax deadline or else get an extension.  It can be a stressful day.  Someone gave me an idea for stress and life's difficulties.  They use an acronym for God, G-O-D.  It is "Grateful Or Dead."  I like that.  Now I am supposed to be a believer, but even if you are not a god person, the acronym can work.  If we are not grateful about some things, or live a life of gratitude, then we are probably slowly killing ourselves, with anger, fear, frustration, control issues and whining.  These feelings all funnel into feeling sorry for ourselves.  Such a deadly life, and such a wide and easy path to follow.  Gratitude is the road less taken, the narrow path.  I try to think of things that I tend to take for granted, but should be grateful for them.  "I am handsome, young, strong, and competent." Oh! Excuse me, that is the delusional path, also wide and frequently taken by many of us.  Don't make things up.  There are things in your life that deserve gratitude, that maybe you did not earn, or acquire by effort.  These things, people or places are generally right in front of us or with us on a daily basis and so we forget to be grateful.  I try to think of my "gratefulness list" when I first wake up.  It sets the tone for the day.  It allows my God an easier time of it in my life.

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