Friday, April 13, 2018

The Miracle Cure

European drug companies are working on a pill that will reduce the amount that people drink, so that such people do not drink alcoholically.  Really?  By drinking less or not drinking at all, one will no longer be an alcoholic?  If you ever read the twelve steps, you will note that alcohol is mentioned in only one step, the first one.  What are the other twelve for?  For the alcoholic who is not drinking.  You mean you are still an alcoholic even when you don't drink like one anymore?  Well, yes.  Like how?  Like FEAR!  Alcoholics are feared based people.  The drink just buries the feeling for a while. There are other issues with alcoholics but I will just raise this one.  Those other eleven steps are to help you not let fear control you.  AND become useful and loving members of society.  I don't think science can come up with such a pill.  Spiritual paths can and will help if you work them.

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  1. $$$ BILLIONS are made off people looking for a "quick & easy" fix - there are NO shortcuts...