Wednesday, April 18, 2018


There is wisdom for all of us in the Twelve Step Spiritual Path.  Example: Step Twelve says that we "try" to carry the message.  The word "TRY" is key.  Success is never up to us. Effort is.  God is in charge, or in my Paulist spiritual path, the Holy Spirit is in charge.  I try, in prayer, and looking at the signs of the times to ascertain what the Holy Spirit might want me to "try."  If I had to be successful in everything I did I would be all ego and whining about things that did not work out as I planned.  Many of us would make no effort if we thought we would not be successful, which is to get our way.  A mother complained how she had "tried" to bring her daughter up to be good and proper, but the daughter did not turn out as planned.  The mother said, "What did I do wrong?"  Maybe nothing was done wrong.  We simply don't have as much power and control as we would like to think we have.  I try to write a good blog, but if someone says, "This blog is trash," I don't go to pieces over it.  Though my heart is maybe broken I say to myself, "I tried."  It is all I can do.  We all have limitations in spite of what our egos tell us.

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  1. This is an excellent post. I printed it out for rereading or sharing.