Sunday, April 22, 2018

To Choose

When making a choice do we ask the right question?  Such as? Well, say you are choosing a church or society or group.  You probably ask, "Is this the right church or group for me?"  If you think that you are the one doing the choosing, then this would be the right question.  But a lot of us are too damaged from past life scars to make such a choice.  We might be too selfish, or afraid, or prideful.  Plus, what if we are not the one with the power to choose?  Maybe the right question is, "Is this what God has called me for?"  "Is this God's choice for me?"  If we make this the question, then when things are not going so well with the group, church, or society we joined, we don't blame them.  We don't try to fix them.  If God chose the group, then it is the right group and we are the ones who need to change.  When the group is supposed to fix me and make me happy but I don't have to do much otherwise but sign up for membership, then I tend to drop out of things.  Groups are not magic.  They support me, direct me and help me when I ask for help...for what?  So that I can do the daily grind of becoming all I am supposed to be as an adult human being.

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