Friday, April 20, 2018

The Miracle Boy

I am proposing my sister, Maureen, for sainthood.  I just found out that you can be declared a saint in my church without verifying a miracle or having a formal canonization ceremony.  So, as soon as Maureen gets out of purgatory, I am declaring her a saint.  Here is my proof.  Me.  I was a bad boy when she was my big sister in the Bronx.  I was, in her estimation, on the way to burn in the eternal fires.  But then I became good, or at least not so bad as to burn.  I owe it all to my sister who taught me all about being Good.  Though she might have been a witch, that is merely an opinion, she did know how to direct little boys toward being good.  Her two little boys, Fred and Chris, were bad too when they were small but they became good later.  That would make three miracles I guess, so my big Sis more than qualifies for being a saint.  I like to think of myself as a walking miracle.  And I owe it all to my big Sis.  Are you a walking miracle or have you always been good, or always been bad?

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