Tuesday, April 3, 2018

If God Is Dead?

When I was a boy and first thought about the meaning of Holy Saturday, I counseled with my big sister Maureen, who was my first theologian.  I said, "Maureen, is Jesus dead on Holy Saturday?"  "Yes," she answered.  "Is Jesus God?" I asked.  "Yes, Jesus is God," she answered.  "So if Jesus is God and Jesus is dead, then God is dead on Holy Saturday, right?" I asked in good Jesuit logic.  "Where is this all going?" asked Maureen as her face hardened.  "It means that if God is dead then on this one day, it is OK to be a bad boy and still get to heaven, because God won't know what you did on this day.  He is dead," I figured.  "I will tell God on Easter when he comes resurrected out of the tomb, so you will have to be good every day," Maureen threatened.  This is why my big sister is a witch.  She tattles to God about me.  My thinking, conniving, was how to get to heaven doing the least amount of good, like getting a "C" grade simply to pass the test.  Don't many of us do this when we think about relationships, rewards, goals?  We want to do just enough, but no more.  I hear people in Recovery programs say they want to "not drink" but they don't want to do anymore than that, no service, no helpfulness to others, no making the world a better place.  People in church ask, "What is the rule that I have to do to stay on God's good side?"  "Unconditional love" would be far more than they bargained for.  Maybe go to church weekly or read the bible daily.  Doing "MORE" or pouring themselves out unselfishly for people who won't even say thank you is not part of the equation.  Somedays I am still like I was when I was a little boy.  "Just enough Terry," is my name.

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