Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Skin And Service

I am inclined to believe that if you love someone you express that love through service and touch.  I even think the Bible would agree.  In the Christian scriptures there are two sisters, Martha and Mary.  They both love Jesus.  Martha is depicted as making and serving dinner.  She expresses her love by being of service in a practical way to Jesus.  Mary, her sister, is depicted as being physically close to Jesus to the point of breaking open an expensive container of perfume and bathing Jesus' feet with it and drying his feet with her long hair.  This is a lot of touch, extravagant touch.  Most of us need both the food for the body and the touch for the skin.  It keeps us fully fed in the world of love.  If no food for the tummy, we get cranky if someone is only into physical touch.  So ask yourself if you do both and get both from someone you love or says they love you?  Teenagers who are falling in love are less likely to be of service to one another than to want to be kissing all the time.  "Would you do the dishes my love?"  "Forget it!"  As a priest, it was suggested to me years ago that I get a good healthy massage,  in part, to have my skin touched.  Skin has soul and needs touching.  I have some Martha persons who feed me.  I need some Mary's in my life!  Then I would be like Jesus?  One can only hope.

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