Saturday, April 21, 2018


Two things about Judas that a lot of the world knows nothing.  First, Christianity never declared Judas condemned.  Second, he may not have hung himself.  In Acts of the Apostles Judas bought land and fell headlong, bursting open his middle and spilled out his insides.  Sounds gruesome yes, but not necessarily suicide.  Another scriptures says he hung himself.  But whatever, he is not condemned.  Maybe God's mercy is able to overcome our sinfulness.  But Judas might have given up on himself.  When I am really bad and see no way of reversing it by my own power, I try to remember to turn towards God's mercy and unconditional love.  I may give up on myself but not on God's power and love.  While I may be killing myself slowly by my bad actions, God's merciful love can compensate and save me from myself.  Such thoughts can save me and you from tying the noose.

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