Saturday, April 7, 2018


I like the psalms in the Hebrew Scriptures.  There are 150 of them and they convey every emotion that I can think of.  Psalms are prayers of emotional feelings that seem to hide nothing.  I mean if the person is angry with God, then God is going to get it straight up.  A lot of prayers are negotiations to get something, and so those prayers don't let God in on all we got going inside of us.  Such prayers lack honesty.  Psalms are rigorously honest. They make me feel better even if I am in a bad mood because there is a psalm that expresses just what I am feeling.  So I don't feel so alone in my misery.  It is nice to find someone who "feels just like I do."  I have psalms for whining, self-pity, anger, hurt feelings, praise, thanksgiving, and so on.  Searching the psalms is a bit like shopping for just the right greeting card.  The right card is somewhere on the shelf, in a particular section.  You just have to keep looking.  When you find the right one you say, "Ah, just what I was feeling."  Same with the psalms.  Hallmark did not write any of the psalms.

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