Saturday, June 30, 2018


Be an acorn.  What? An acorn has the potential within itself to become a big oak tree.  The acorn needs a little help to bring all this out, but its DNA is to become an oak tree.  So, you might say, "I am not much."  Well so is an acorn at the moment.  But it knows what it is meant to be.  You are meant to be and have within you, so much potential.  Believe in yourself.  What help do you need? Some spiritual assistance, as it is partly, an inner journey.  With a daily spiritual practice, you first let go of stuff that keeps you "not much."  Like what? Whining, blame, shame, guilt, resentments, fear are good starters to lighten the load on the road to becoming the "oak tree" you.  Meditation will generally reveal your shortcomings, as will trusted and loving friends.  Then you add in some selfless service for others.  This gets you out of yourself.  You are starting to grow.  Prayer waters you.  Let that feeling like an acorn remind us that we have some growing to do.

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