Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Average

What does being "Average" mean?  I see it as the middle ground between a failure and an exception.  Some people are simply failures at life and some are exceptional.  I am in the middle.  I am average and this is good too.  As my church tends to say, I did not choose to be a priest, like someone chooses to get married or be a plumber.  I was "called."  Who called, if this is so?  Well, God did.  Now if you believe in a God, why would God call average people?  Isn't God supposed to be exceptional and therefore want only exceptional people who would be brilliant and efficient as being a priest?  If I, who am average, was called to be a priest, I think it was so that I  could talk about everyday, average experiences that people have.  Most of us are having average human daily lives.  So why not preach about the everyday practical world in which we live?  Being average is a gift.  People tell me that my preaching is about the everyday life to which they can relate and they find this helpful.  So if you think you are average don't put yourself down.  It is gift of normalcy.  Pass on to others how you grow to be the best normal person you can be, without envy of the exceptional person, or whining about being a failure.  The way out of failure?  Stop whining.  Become an exceptional normal, average person.  People will love you for it.  They love my averageness.


  1. I'm realizing I have a hard time accepting my averageness, especially in the area of speaking: I'm not the worst speaker ever but I'm certainly no charmer either. It appears I haven't fully surrendered the need to impress others, which I want to do to get their affection and esteem. This is ironic, as you say, because people are more likely to relate to my averageness, not my perfection...

  2. I think that it is a great gift to have a friend who accepts us just as we are with areas of averageness in our lives

  3. Truly the best kind of friend to have and to try to be. Well said in this wonderful post, Fr. T.