Friday, June 15, 2018

Nothing Happens

"I meditate but nothing happens," so says my friend.  Oh?  Maybe what needs tweaking is your expectations.  "Something" is happening but it is not in line with your expectations.  The God I experience in meditation answers me sometimes in silence and blankness.  That is not nothing.  It is a response of incomprehensible mystery to my set aside time for meditation.  God is showing up, but you want and expect something besides a blank empty feeling.  Well, we don't control God, so forget your expectations.  Have preferences if you want.  I have let even them go.  Preferences mean that I am still holding onto my will.  Surrender is called for on my part.  Yuk! I know, but that may be why God is seemingly absent in your feelings in any meditation.  Surrender of the will?  Why?  You are human and so the will is a bit broken.  We are not perfect.  I was self-will run riot, so surrender for me is crucial.  You may be in more virtuous shape than me, but surrender is still what God wants.  How do I know?  The blank times in meditation, the boredom, the empty feeling.  Then I surrender a little.  Then I don't care what takes place in my meditation.  I just enjoy the incomprehensible mystery.  And I gain sanity.  So God must be at work.  It is in the results of how your life changes, not in how good you feel when you meditate.

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