Friday, June 8, 2018

No Thing And Nothing

Deep mediation is a great way to narrow the distances that organized religion seems to put between us.  Say for instance there is a believer and a non-believer, in the existence of God.  The believer is full of catechism, and scripture, while the non-believer is full of derision at all this fantasy.  The chasm.  It can end up in violence.  Deep meditation which both people might do or might accept, can fill in the valley between them.  How?  Both people stop focusing on what is going on in their mind.  
let go of focusing on your images of God, or your images of a more perfect world without the God stuff.  Thinking may go on, but both people ignore it.  Their method of mediation is directed at letting go of mind focus.  Each person then may have a glimpse of an experience of peace, connectedness, calm, stillness and silence.  Don't name it.  Just enjoy the experience whenever it comes.  Then you can share with one another your experience of the mediation.  It amazes me what connections people of different cultures and background make with one another when they speak from the experience of deep mediation.  They don't try to kill one another or prove one another wrong.  The human condition has a spiritual dimension that connects us all, call it what you will, or don't name it at all.

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