Thursday, June 14, 2018

God Belief

I hear people say that they don't believe in God but they meditate.  Belief for many of these non-believer people is about the mind and concrete thoughts.  Their mind is not persuaded to the existence of God.  Mind draws a blank.  They are unmoved by theology.  But theology that is mind focused without mediation is a bit like me telling you about my friend versus telling you about my God.  My friend is concrete to me, but you have never met her. I tell you about her, attributes and such.  But you may never encounter my friend, yet you think my friend exists because I say so.  It is not so when I talk about God.  People don't believe me in God-talk because they have not met God.  They say they have to have a personal concrete encounter in order to believe.  But God is never concrete.  Thus you never meet a concrete God unless you are delusional.  God is mystery and incomprehensible.  The encounter, as concrete as a mystery can be, is in meditation.  The encounter is interior.  So the person who mediates has a belief but not in a concrete God they could see like they could see my friend.  Mediation does not appeal to the mind.  It does appeal to the power to change your life.  Most people who have concrete thoughts about God don't change much.  Meditators do.  So who is it that gave you the power to change?  Yourself?  No one changes for the better all by themselves.  It is the interior contact that makes the difference, not the mental constructs.

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