Sunday, June 3, 2018

Blog Changes

Those of you who are reading the blog on Facebook, it has been going there from my blog automatically for years.  Beginning June 6 this will not be the case.  The company that did this is not going to do it anymore, so I will have to send my blog to Facebook manually each day.  This may not happen daily or on a timely basis.  But you have two other choices.  One is to go directly to the blog, and read the daily blog posted at 4:00.  I actually create these blogs days or week in advance, so I would have to get up and remember to manually cut and paste to Facebook each day.  Good luck on that.  The second thing you can do is go to the blog and scroll down the left side to where it says you can enter your email and get the blog automatically sent there each day.  I suspect I will lose a few readers.  If I find a service that does this for free I will go there.


  1. Terry, go to ITTF (If This Then That) it is a tool I use to post my blog stuff to Facebook. It is easy to use and free.

  2. Is muy blog wordpress? If so it might work with ITTF.