Monday, June 4, 2018

Blog changes

As of June 6, I can no longer automatically post my blog to facebook.  I do these blogs days and weeks in advance and set a blog timer for the date to post on the blog and then it goes to facebook.  If my blog is Wordpress, then "If This Then That" or IFTTT might work, but I don't think I am Wordpress.  Where is Patty Cunningham when I need her!  Anyhow, you can post it directly to your email by going to the blog: then look down the left side of the screen until you come to where you can submit your email for receiving the blog each day automatically.  Some have done this though one person said it did not work for her.  Hmmm.   I will try to do it manually each day but it might be somewhat erratic or I forget or life happens.  I am waiting for someone to tell me about IFTTT and Wordpress status.
Just found out I use Blogger which is free.  I think one pays for Wordpress, and I won't do that.

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