Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Why do so many of us obsess about being "popular?"  As someone said, "Maybe that is not your role in life."  I try to treat being popular with being able to hit a major league fastball.  I would like to be able to hit a major league fastball and in my fantasy life, I can.  But in reality it is something I cannot do.  Let it go.  Being popular is as illusive for me.  I was never really popular in any group when I was growing up, or maybe I might say I was never  as popular as I wanted to be.  If I drank too much, I thought I was popular but that was only in my foggy mind.  The next day, I was so very unpopular.  I could be notorious, but that is not popular.  I wasn't even popular in my ordination class or among priests.  Then I got into the pulpit and something happened.  I got popular.  But I have learned not to take myself too seriously, or put too much into this popular stuff.  It is ephemeral.  It can be fleeting.  It is about a talent, but maybe not about me personally.  I value my friends, most of whom have never or rarely heard me preach.  Friends know me, and still love me.  Being "Priest" has nothing to do with  their love for me.  Preaching-priesthood-popularity is nice but not heart-filling.  So if you are very popular with some group, ask yourself if it is enough, if it feeds your heart's desire to connect on its deepest level.  And if you are not popular but have a few good friends then maybe count your blessings.  Be grateful.  Staying popular can be a lot of work.  I am one lousy sermon away from being a "nobody."

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