Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Tools

At times I find my living situation, wherever I am, to be a bit trying.  I would that things, people, and situations would be different and I give my reasons for why things are messy.  But now and again, I am reminded or have a revelation, that these situations might be an opportunity for me to grow.  I discover that my reasons for things being not so good, are really excuses, so that I don't have to change or grow.  I need some fixing.  What do we use to fix things?  Tools.  I need to pick up my spiritual tool box and go to work on me.  Each day, I might need a different tool depending on what is a bit broken in me that day.  Some days it is the pity pot me.  Other days, I am the helpless victim.  Or the Judge of me or others.  I might need the resentment tool, or the fear tool.  It varies.  But I try to work on me each day.  I often find my outlook to change with changes in me.  interior change gives me new eyes, or better eyes to see, and sometimes I just need to forgive and move on.  Don't condemn yourself for being imperfect.  There is a tool for that.  Acceptance.

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