Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mirrors Don't Rust

Rust does not readily adhere to a mirror.  The heart is like a mirror.  The mind is like things that rust.  We have rusty minds, though in false pride we think our minds are clear.  Trying to think our way to God is not going to work.  The rust covers God up.  Rust obscures what things are.  Now an interior hunger for a God of Love happens in the clearer realm of silence and stillness.  We are still and don't talk.  Rusty mind is ignored and replaced with a longing that the mind cannot satisfy.  This takes place in the heart, soul, interior truer self.  Look in a mirror.  What do you see.  Your self.  And you judge or condemn or put down what you see.  You are beautiful.  You are divine!  But at first, you don't see it.  Mediation is learning to let go to surrender and get a second opinion.  As you change how you see you, you will change how you see others.  This is a Power at work, a life source your rusty mind will not ever figure out.  Mirrors show you the truth.  Meditation helps you to see it.

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