Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Trivial

Do you find yourself obsessing over the trivial?  Your mind might have a singleness of purpose, to do some really good thing.  But you get sidetracked by the trivial.  I suggest it might be all about fear.  But it does not show up as "I am afraid!"  Fear is sneaky.  It shows up, in the trivial focus, as a desire for control.  We are terrified of losing control, unless of course, we drink or drug.  Then we don't care as control flows away and we slide into a mess.  So if you find yourself, at the end of the day, looking over your day, and find that you spent a lot of time on the irrelevant, that looked so important during the day, and did not get to that great project or time with that important person, you might think about how you are doing with fear.  When I have no time for someone important in my life, I try to look at fear issues.  The days when I keep everything under control, but have no contact with some important person in my life, that is a fear day for me.  I call it insanity.

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