Friday, April 3, 2020

A New Plateau

While you are social distancing and trying to practice some more or deeper prayer time you might find that you feel a bit depressed or discouraged.  Stuff is just not working on this spiritual journey, so say your feelings.  But I offer some possible good news in this mess.  Many a spiritual master says that when we are moving from one level of spirituality to a deeper or higher level, we can feel depressed in the transition.  This is because the level we knew and in which we felt comfortable is being taken away from us.  Example: recovery people.  At one level their spiritual program is meetings, service and some prayer, not too much of the latter.  Now, socially distant with less or no opportunity for meetings as they knew them, in person, and less chance for service as they knew it, they begin to actually focus more on that 11th step of meditation.  Depression or discouragement at first, followed by a whole new light of a deeper dimension.  This deeper dimension will incorporate/include the earlier level of meetings and service,  but on a much deeper level when social distancing is no longer needed.  Be patient.

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