Saturday, April 18, 2020

Holy Skin

So you don't believe in this god stuff, right?  Or you are a bit skeptical about it all?  OK.  So maybe the god thing might be disguised in some obvious fashion.  How?  Think of those friends you have made who keep you sane, and help you to grow into a useful and mature adult?  Think of those people around you who give you examples of being selfless and compassionate, even if they drive you a bit crazy and make you feel guilty about your own meager sharing.  Those might be this God if it had skin.  I have stopped focusing or spending energy on the "Where is God?" question.  I look around and see the people in my life who help me to stay out of my own way.  There are incarnations of the divine all around me, or within a phone call or text message, or a gathering of people on the spiritual journey.  Maybe I am the god-skin for someone else!  And you might be too.

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  1. Love is repaid by love alone...Therese of Lisieux