Tuesday, April 21, 2020


What makes a great athlete?  Talent, yes, a vision yes, a desire for a goal yes.  All these hav some importance, but they don’t make an athlete great.  So what does?  They love practice.  Yes, there might be a day here and there that feels like drudgery, but they are exceptions.  The norm is that the athlete loves the practice.  And they know that when they are not practicing someone else is, and that someone could top them someday.  It is the same with a musician.  Those who drop out of working on an instrument do so because they got bored with the mechanics, the repeat exercises.  They decided there were better things to do with their time.  A lot of people I know, “used to do this or that.”  So if you want to accomplish something that takes work, you will have to love the work.  Most people give up a spiritual path because they don’t want to practice, but rather to dream the fiction of becoming a guru.  Well, gotta go and get out there and practice.

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  1. Dear Padre, perhaps practice meets Perfect?