Sunday, April 12, 2020


Well Happy Easter everybody, under the circumstances.  Are you putting your Easter eggs 12 feet apart?  I usually go to someone’s home for a big Easter dinner and gathering of friends, but Covid 19 may have some say about all that.  It is a sacrifice to stay separate from others for the sake of our common health.  But I found out that the word sacrifice does not mean giving up, deprivation or discomfort.  It’s root meaning is to “Make holy.”  The nuns didn’t tell me that or if they did I was inattentive.  Make holy is to take away all those things that keep me from my God, the Divine, the Presence, the best me I can be. I used to think that giving up drink was a sacrifice of loss. No. It was one of gain, a new life better than the wreckage.  So I will keep that in mind this day.  And all the social isolation is my way of being of service to others, especially the elderly, so that we don’t all die from this virus.  I think we grew up eating ham on Easter.  What about you?


  1. Since the dining room is closed at our senior facility, we
    have to pick up our meals and eat in our room. I asked the chef if we were having ham for Easter and he said “no,
    spagetti and meatballs”.

  2. I don’t remember ham, but I do recall Mama’s mash potatoes and gravy