Friday, April 24, 2020

House Keeping

I am a bit into both house keeping my room and exercise training.  I have a wood floor in my bedroom.  I sweep and clean my floor once a week.  It looks great right after being cleaned.  But within two or three days it is all dusty and grimy again.  I do keep my windows open for some fresh air.  If I sweep the room three times a week then the floor almost always looks good.  It is the same with exercise training.  The day that I do it and the next day, I feel good.  But if I am only going to train once a week, I will physically be a mess most of those non-training days, and the training day will be quite difficult, just like cleaning a room.  It is so much easier to clean up my room if I do it three times a week and so much easier, with better results if I train three days a week.  Don’t worry, I do exercise stuff in between those training days.  So how are you doing with the project or task you have undertaken?  I do write a blog for everyday, as a discipline and it makes me feel better, just like a clean floor and a steady training regimen.

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