Friday, August 22, 2014

A Cave

There are a couple of places in the bible where God is experienced as a tiny whisper.  There occurences have silence and solitude in common.  At a monastery it is easy to find silence and solitude, in the cell of my room.  Where will I find it when I am not in the monastery, but live in the more normal world.  It may not always be in my room.  It depends on how much noise comes through the walls.  I try to find a place, wherever I live, where I can find silence and solitude.  In Vero Beach, Florida, where I winter, it is by the swimming pool of our Paulist house.  No one seems to use the pool very much.  Though I may suffer some deprivations in the monastery, I try to make up for it when I am not here.  Where is the cell in your life?  Do you hunger for silence and solitude?

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