Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Empty Spot

A fellow told me that he was married to a really good woman.  She gave him love, respect and attention.  He still felt empty.  He drank to fill the hole.  It did not work.  I have come to realize that if you are feeling empty, another person cannot fill you up.  Some people marry to get filled up by the other, to fill that hole in the soul, if you will.  They call it love, but my experience is that the one with the hole in the soul is a "taker."  Love has a giving side to it too.  Love is a lot of giving, but if you feel empty then you don't sense you have anything to give.  Surrender to God fills the hole in the soul, I have found.  That is a pretty tall order, especially if you don't believe much in God whoever.  When you are on the road to desperation, surrender becomes a lot more of an option.  It beats suicide.  I  am missing Robin Williams.


  1. This is one of your best. When being abused, you give to fix it as we are taught. The taker's hole is too big. You fall in and thinking to comply well stop the crap coming at you. It just loses respect for yourself and the taker keeps losing respect for you. God can take you out if you reach. A little off what you were saying but, it beats suicide.

  2. Robin Williams was being treated for severe depression. It would be interesting to know what drug/s he was prescribed. We've all seen those TV commercials showing happy smiling people supposedly taking the advertised anti-depressant drug while the voice over quickly lists the possible side-effects which include SUICIDE.