Friday, August 29, 2014


When I was a stockbroker, the producers, the guys who brought in the money, were treated well by the company.  The not so much producers or non-producers, well, we pretty much washed out and so it went.  Sometimes in religious groups the ones do what they are told, and/or help out a lot, get special treatment.  Those who don't get some wrath or are ignored.  But for me, God is not like this.  Got is like a water sprinkler.  Our so called lawn at the monastery has some nice green grass, some crab grass weeds and some bare spots that grow nothing.  The sprinkler waters all the lawn, as if it never gives up hope, or at least treats the entire lawn with the same care for all of it.  God loves.  God sprinkles us with love whether we produce or not.  God has hope.  Or maybe I am just a pollyanna!


  1. Stockbrokers, religious groups, kids on a school playground, it all kind of works the same. Winners and losers based on conforming to the norm and the will of the leaders. We should all work to be sprinklers spreading God's love. It sure would be a nicer world.

  2. Beautiful analogy! And I also like the first comment that we should all work on being sprinklers to everyone regardless of merit.