Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Church

Is the Church the people of God who are supposed to become the Good News in the world, or is it the Vatican?  We have a theology that says the Church is the people of God, but a lot of people don't buy into this.  One reason is that the Vatican as a governing body, refers to itself as "the Church" when making its rules for the people of God.  The kiss of peace in the mass is one of these issues where the word "church" is used to refer to the Vatican.  The statement says, "The Church is concerned about hugging at the kiss of peace and wants us to go to a simple handshake."  The Church here is obviously the Vatican, because the people of God have settled this issue or are not at all concerned about it, and/or like to hug.  I think if the Vatican simply said "The Vatican" instead of "The Church," things would be a bit more consistent theologically.  Don't people have germs all over their hands?


  1. I always say don't get the dogma mixed up with your faith. I like what the Bishop in LA told his Mexican parishioners , "Be the model of your faith." They sure do pray hard in the little chapel at Sacred Heart.

  2. I think there would be more people of God in the Church if the Vatican was turned into a museum. This is another example of the Vatican wanting to do something to tell the congregation what to do. Just like they changed some words in prayers that just did not make a difference. All it did was cost money to print new books.

  3. Seriously, does anyone pay attention to that kind of nonsense?????The clergy I listen to and respect have had real life experience---James Martin with his work with the poor in Africa, you et.al No time for meaningless trivia. I don't mention our wonderful pope because that is too obvious.