Sunday, August 24, 2014

Benedict's Rule

His rule doesn't work.  Monks pretty much act the way other people do though not all monks. Some examples:
Put a jar of jelly or peanut butter that has only a bare smidge left in it, back into the refigerator because you don't want to have to wash it out for recycling.  Same thing with milk cartons.
Finish a carton of milk, but don't go to the storage refig and replace it
Finish something but don't write it on the shopping list to get a replacement
Put a jar back but with the top not screwed back on.
Use up the soap in a shower, or shampoo, but don't get a replacement out of storage for the next person.
I could go on, I suppose, but you get the point. On the other hand:
The Rule of Maureen does work.  She could take a bad boy like me and make me good.  All of the above she would not stand for.  So I know the right thing to do because of Maureen, and to this day, I still do as told.  If I don't, at least I have some sense I did wrong.  We are who we are today, for better or worse, because of someone else, I believe.  If you think I am a mess, Maureen did not.
When ordination time came around, she was in the congregation.  The question is asked, " Does anyone know why this person should not be ordained?"  I thought Maureen would raise her hand and I would be done.  She did not.  So, thank her when you get to purgatory.


  1. Are you absolutely sure you are not living with my teenaged grandsons???

  2. "People are Funny!"

    ~ Art Linkletter

  3. "Some say they're goin to a place called glory
    And I ain't sayin it ain't a fact
    But I heard I'm on the way to purgatory
    And I don't like the sound of that". Iris DeMent

  4. Love your sense of humor. Thx for the punch line at the end.