Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bad Start

Why is it that we get upset when we make a simple task hard and then it does not work out "as planned?"  For instance, you are carrying a coat and juggling two or three other things in your hands as you walk along.  You are in a hurry and try to put some keys into the coat pocket, but you cannot quite get the coat pocket located or opened for the keys.  You should stop and put some things down and do this one task, get the keys into the coat pocket.  But you are in a hurry with lots of stuff on your mind.  So you start to get upset and say bad words because the dumb keys cannot find the stupid pocket of the coat.  We get angry about things not working out when in fact we started out wrong or doing it wrong in the first place.  Sometimes we act like keys and pockets.  They don't change.

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