Monday, August 18, 2014

A Sign

I was in town for a funeral, and said the early morning mass as well.  The sacristan gave me a book he thought I needed, The Four Signs Of A Dynamic Catholic.  I don't know that I had heard of the book and thought I would get to it someday in my stack of reading.  Two days later, I get invited to give a mission in Orlando, Florida in the winter.  God is good.  It turns out that the  Orlando parish has been working with a program that focuses on this exact book.  They wanted to know if I had read or heard of it.  This is not coincidence.  This is what I call, "Grace."  God is at work.  I show up.


  1. Like the sign in my kitchen says, "Do not expect miracles, rely on them". It's the little, unexpected ones that most delight!

  2. "Grace is an Angel, that comes and whacks you upside the head, to get your attention."

    ~ Ed O.

  3. Someone gave me that book, too, and I am embarrassed to say that it sat on my nightstand for months. I meant to get to it but I eventually moved it to the bookcase.

    After reading your post I retrieved the book, and it is back on the nightstand.

    Once again, God has spoken through you to get to me.