Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sermon App

I love this one.  A church has dropped the bulletin and gone green.  So you come into church and take out your smart phone and get onto the app to read the homily notes among other things.  Would it not be quite interesting if people were given some silence after the sermon to tap onto the app their responses to the sermon?  Short responses, so that Father would not have to spend a lot of time reviewing results.
"Too long"
"Irrelevant to my life"
"What planet are you on?"
"You sound like a Republican" "Democrat" "Libertarian" "Communist"
"Stop wearing running shoes at the altar.  It is a disgrace."
"Go back to the monastery"


  1. Where whatever you want on your feet. Just be your provocative self and we will take it from there. The monestery seems like a safe haven from the world. I hope that they are nice to you and have given you your name back with a hook to hang your stuff on there.

  2. Great idea!!Can we bring that to a vote???So when did anyone amongst the powers that be ever ask what the rest of us thought or care what we thought for that matter?A time of quiet after the gospel to think about what we just heard sounds very welcome ----it might even increase church attendance. Stay as you are. You are one of the very few who has got it right. Your sermons are short , sweet and relevant. Way to go, if there must be a sermon.

  3. When I see you with your running shoes I smile. When I hear your words of wisdom I say "Thank You God for this man. When I receive the Host I pray. Keep being you. I am better for knowing you.