Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Sheep

A prophet, named Ezekiel, rants against the religous leaders who are supposed to shepherd the sheep, but instead lord it over them, treating the sheep harshly.  So the sheep ran away and felt lost.  The shepherds did not go after them.  So God said that God would claim the sheep and save them.  Why is it that many who were Catholic have left the church and gone in search of spirituality in Eastern meditation practices?  Maybe God is working through non-Christian paths to save the lost and searching sheep?  I think that my Church has a great message.  It is the messenger that is problematic.


  1. I think that I am a sheep who is trying very hard to find my place with God in my church. But the church only wants those who do not doubt, do not question just follow blindly. God gave us a mind to use. When I use my mind to look closely at my church, there are too many questions.

  2. Oh Father Terry you've "got it in one". My lifelong love/hate relationship with my church. Not my God, my church.

  3. It is my certain experience that God works through every step of every path to bring us into His fold. I love God. I love His Church.

  4. Jesus is the Way. He is the Good Shepherd. I've never heard anything about impotency. Never.

    Terry Ryan suggests, "Maybe God is working through non-Christian paths to save the lost and searching sheep?"

    Quick answer: No.

  5. Dear Anonymous 4 - part of the problem between the "Church" and it's members is people with quick answers - like yours.
    It's possible to believe in Jesus and yet to find solace in the teachings of another religion because the peace and beauty resonates. One God - many paths. Church leaders who understand that not all sheep are alike will have bigger flocks.
    There are no quick answers!