Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Beyond The Mess

I have a group of friends who have something in common, a messy past, and not so past.  What is unique is that they don't talk about their failures or successes, where they live or the car they own, or any crazy escapades.  If any of this is mentioned in passing, it is to give context to their deeper self.  We don't focus on deeds but rather on feelings, why we did things that were messy.  I may not identify with a particular crazy action of someone's past, but I seem to easily identify with motives, and feelings.  It amazes me how often the word "fear" comes up, especially in guys.  Spiritual growth comes with knowing that I am not struggling alone.  I am not unique in my feelings.  When the group is only guys, there is a lot of laughter.  I figure the only reason any of us have wives that stay with us is because we are wonderful in some way.  Oh. Delusion is one of our issues too.  Ladies, we men are work, no?


  1. We're all work but perhaps women have an 'easier' time accepting it?

  2. My hubby has certainly changed, but it was his choice to step up not my forcing him to do so (the stereotype). But I am super lucky, so results may not be typical. ;)