Sunday, November 13, 2016

Report Cards

Remember when you used to get a Percentage number or letter grades for subjects on the report card?  It is changing.  Now you get a number from 1 to 4 on many things that you "should know" or be able to do.  I am not sure who the should know deciders are, but one of the should know is phys ed.  Now I know a lot of guys who cannot throw a ball or run without tripping over themselves.  It has nothing to do with being old.  They never could do those things.  It was OK in school since you were not graded on skill level in this area. A guy might think himself a failure but it was never an official record. Besides, he could just go do something else in which he had or developed a skill.  Esteem would not take a public hit.  Then there is the subject, "sociability."  I know guys who will not give you eye contact, or exhibit any sociability if they are not in their right space or time of day.  So what if the evaluation is given when you are in your non-sociability space?  I am glad that I only had to know reading, righting and rithmetic: the three R subjects. Not too good in math.  Thank God for my vocation to be a priest.  Lots of "math dummies" in my profession.  And all we had was a slide rule!  Remember those?

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