Monday, November 28, 2016

Two Solutions

Addiction has two solutions: surrender and death.  You who are not addicted would think that a sane person would go for surrender given the other solution.  Not so.  Very few addicted people go for surrender.  They die by quick or slow suicide.  By the time one is addicted, sanity has long left the scene.  I think that surrender is a miracle.  It seems to show up when least expected, and for reasons the insane addict cannot fathom, they grab on.  With help they begin to recover some sanity and stop the addicted intake.  They work on becoming a better person, facing their character flaws.  But the insanity, like the addiction, is a subtle foe.  It wants the person dead.  How does the insanity show up again down the road of recovery?  The addict thinks that they don't have to do all the things that got them well.  "I am fine."  Soon enough, the second solution to addiction shows up, often unexpected in overdose, car wreck, bullets.  You know people in recovery?  Keep praying for them.

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