Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Even when my Mom was dying of cancer, terminal, under hospice visiting nurse care, she would want her two lotto tickets each week from the grocery store.  I would go to the store to shop for some groceries and such.  Mom was too sick to give much concern for a list of things to buy, but she always reminded me to "get a ticket" for her and for Dad.  Each ticket cost a buck.  The pot was pretty big in Florida.  The winner would be rich.  What would a dying woman do if she hit the right numbers?  I never asked.  Mom died without winning the pot.  I never bought another ticket.  Dad did not much care.  I think Mom would have split it up with her family and others who she thought might need money.  This is the way she was.  She died a loser?  I think not.


  1. Based on how her son turned out she not only was a winner but a big winner

    1. I agree with Terry, plus she shared her winnings with all of us that are lucky enough to have you in our lives.