Monday, November 14, 2016


I am reading a lot about how we are supposed to make friends with nature, recycle our garbage, take care of the earth, and find God all around us in nature.  The earth is our friend.  We are in a covenant with the earth.  Nice.  But I was in an earthquake last week.  Middle of the night there was a big thump and the house shook.  Quake was nine miles away.  Now I can love nature all I want, but if I am in a certain place at a certain time, and the big one comes, I am done.  What happened to our nice covenant?  Does a loving God crush nice people living on an Italian hillside in homes built hundreds of years ago?  You might counter that if I slept under the open sky or in a teepee, I would not be crushed.  But I don't.  I live in San Francisco.  God made San Francisco.  It is to be lived in and enjoyed, though now only by rich people, but that is another story.  If you check earthquake websites you will find that earthquakes are going on regularly all over the world.  No escape from tech tonic movements.  Loving God, friendly earth and earthquakes don't fit right.  But I will continue to recycle while I ponder this and await your "anonymous" responses.


  1. I have a friend who says when such quakes happen it s because Mother Earth is mad.There is a website that talks about how the earth crust is sinking and why. Another story.Are ever coming back to where we do not have many quakes or snow....

  2. In Asia [esp. China] earthquakes are seen as "result of the elephant/water buffalo rolling over its back". From the Imperial political viewpoint, earthquakes are sign of "displeasure from the Mandate of Heaven over current reign of the Emperor and its Dynasty; a new Leader will soon emerge.
    Pray for earthquake victims and property losses from current events in New Zealand and northern Italy.
    Ray Lew, San Francisco [earthquake country]