Friday, November 25, 2016

Day After

It is the day after Thanksgiving.  Were you kind, caring and compassionate to everyone yesterday?  I tried to be.  I want some people to like me, not all, but some.  I find that if I am kind and patient with everyone, including those who I find tedious, work, difficult and fault-filled, then I will be in a good and caring mood with the people I do want to like me.  Being kind is like a train.  You cannot make a train stop and go very easily.  it takes a bit to get it moving, but then it is easy to keep it going.  I find it is the same with behavior.  If I practice good behavior all the time with everyone, then it is easier to practice it with people I want to like me.  If I am grumpy with some people, I find it difficult to turn on the charm when someone I like comes along right after the grumpy episode.  Avoiding everyone never worked for me either.  Practice, practice.  Today is Black Friday, a great chance for me put this advice into practice in LA.

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