Saturday, November 19, 2016

Separate Beds

If you and your significant other have separate bedrooms, you are in what is called "A Victorian Marriage."  In the 19th century, the Victorian Era, this marriage regarded  privacy over intimacy.  In many ways the married couple had their separate friends and lived very much separate lives, but had times each day, such as meals when they would come together.  Nowadays, we still have many a Victorian setup in the home, but the common meal thing seems to have not kept up.  If you don't worship together, eat together, or socialize together, then it might be the job of children and grandchildren to bring the couple together.  I have found common meals to be important if there is to be any community among priests.  If you value privacy and private space without a balance in intimacy or a shared life, you might have less community than a celibate religious order priest.

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