Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First Contact

I am reluctant to tell people who have no clue of the Bible that "You should read the Bible."  Why?  Well, I might be their first contact with the Bible.  If I exhibit messy behavior, bad habits, then why should they read the Bible? I am a product of that book.  It is the same reason that I don't go around all the time in my clerical clothes.  Any moment, I seem to be prone to acting like a jerk.  In clerical clothes, I am someone's only contact or first contact with my church.  There is a substantial number of people who have walked away from religious groups because of the members outward actions and words.  If a Buddhist said I should read some sutra, I would first get to know the Buddhist.  If he acts no better than me, why read the sutra?  It did not do much for him, or so I would think.  People in recovery often say, "Read the Big Book," to a newcomer. They might be some drunk's first contact with the Big Book.  If the so called, "Recovering Person" is not drinking, but practicing judgmental, resentful, whining behavior, why would the newcomer read the Big Book?  Until I walk the walk better, I will be careful about the "advice" I give to people.

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  1. So true, and yet so hard to put into daily practice.