Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Natural Healing

If you are hurting in some physical, spiritual, or psychological way, the body, including mind and soul or spirit can heal if I do two things.  Remove things that cause illness and add things that are natural to healing.  They body does the rest.  If I smoke, I am constructing inner flow of vital fluids.  If I drink liquor I am introducing a basic poison, alcohol.  Eat sugar, and body breaks down.  Too much of some things that are really foreign to my natural health will do me no good.  Gluten would be one of these things.  Jog when and where there is a lot of car pollution will mess with my lungs.  Too much exercise will break me down.  Lack of rest, isolation, bad posture, the list goes on.  Sex without love and mutuality is debilitating.  If I add rest, diet and exercise in moderation, the body will do a lot of healing.  I add meditation and being in nature scenes.   I have heard people say that eventually, some illness, cough, sore, went away.  They took no pills or medication.  Not everything responds to this way of living, but you might try it before undergoing more "modern medicine" scientific approaches.

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